Original story as told to Lucy Hartman
Edited by Lola Cain

[This story is a tribute to a miracle in the life of Mrs. Genevieve Wheeler – more commonly known as ‘Grandma’ Wheeler to many of us.  It is because of relationships Lucy built with her children in college that Mrs. Wheeler ended up at her house just before Christmas, 2008, after being stranded at the Wenatchee Airport because of snow and canceled flights.  And so, the gift of having her with them also allows us the gift of a story Lucy shared with me….Lola]  

Genevieve (Alexander) Wheeler at age 90Gary and I recently hosted a darling lady, Mrs. Genevieve Wheeler, age 91, after she was stranded in Wenatchee because of the weather.   While she waited for road conditions to improve enough so her son-in-law from Kirkland could drive across Snoqualmie & Blewett passes to come and pick her up for her scheduled family Christmas visits in Western Washington, we had the privilege of her company.    

One story from her history Mrs. W. told Gary and I occurred years ago.  She related how  weak and tired she was as a teen, college student, and on into her years as a young mother with an 18-month-old (Arlene) and a three-month-old (Paul) to care for.  She told how she had to push herself every step, every day. She was trying to nurse, but didn't have enough milk, so the doctor insisted she supplement with formula.  They were pioneering a small church in Eastern Washington and they were very poor materially.
In February, 1943, Mrs. W. and her sister were visiting their mother, when her mouth suddenly and violently filled with what she thought was vomit.  She ran for the toilet and filled it up with a shocking amount of blood and tissue – it just kept coming.  Her sister was a nurse, and called the ambulance immediately.  A doctor took x-rays at the hospital and told her, "You've had TB for years – and both of your lungs are consumed."  He gave her no hope, although he tried various meds on her over the next several months while she remained bedfast at her mother's house, where her Mother also took care of Paul. During this time her sister cared for Arlene.
In August, 1943, Mrs. W. received a letter from Northwest Bible Institute classmate, Bessie Guy.  A cloth handkerchief fell out, and as soon as she touched it, Mrs. W. said she felt a warmth all over her.  She "felt differently.”  She actually felt well – immediately!!!
In the letter Miss Guy explained that she had been to a church meeting where the speaker was known for being greatly used by God in the Gift of Healing.  She had asked him to pray for Mrs. W., and he did, so that's why she was mailing her handkerchief to her.
Within just a day or two, Mrs. W. and both of her little ones went home to her husband.  She was feeling fine.  In fact, she had four more babies after that – Genny, Eunice, Deedi and Steve.  Each time Mrs. W. told her doctor she was pregnant they'd ask about her medical history, and she would tell them she had TB once.  They would tell her she should NOT be carrying any more babies, and x-ray her immediately.  EVERY DOCTOR then said, "Your lungs are perfect.  I'd like to have lungs as good as yours!"
During her recent visit I helped Mrs. W. with her ‘meds’ every morning and evening.  Her ‘meds’ consist of Flax Seed Oil, Primrose Oil, Centrum for Seniors (all vitamins!) and a baby aspirin with a hot/icy pad if she needs one applied to her back for occasional arthritic pain!  She ran down our basement steps, ignoring the handrail, to take a shower. She is the PERKIEST 91-year-old I've ever met – and since we lived in Aunt Anna's Nursing Home when I was young (and my Mom worked there for 30 years), I've met a WHOLE LOT OF 91-year-olds!!!


Notes from Lucy:
Beginning in 1963, four of her six children were my best friends at College - Genny, Bonnie*, Eunice and Paul  -  we travelled in music ministry, singing for the Lord.  We've stayed in touch.   I sang for their weddings.   My roomie (Anita) married Paul - they were ministers in ID, WA, and MT, as well as missionaries to American Samoa for awhile.  (Paul died of cancer 7 years ago).   

(*Bonnie was Genny's best friend in 4th Grade and stayed with the Wheelers most of the time after that).